Saturday, March 14


I spent most of Wednesday morning at work lying comatose on the office floor staring into space. Some people meditate to get into that state, but all I had to do was decide to quit tea for a day, and the result was an inability to do anything. At one point I went for a walk but kept wanting to lie down and sleep. At one point I thought that if I had a heart attack at least it would be an excuse to lie down in the street.

Doctor Bob explained why I've been having so many cigarette dreams since I started drinking tea. He says that one addiction reminds me, on a psychosomatic level, of the other one.

I haven't smoked in twenty-five years, but I still remember what it was like. Awful. The time-wasting narcissistic biochemistry, always wondering "is it time for my next ciggie yet? Maybe if I have a cup of tea then the next smoke will taste better." And then punctuating every activity with a fag - one to wake me up, one because I've finished breakfast, one at the bus stop, one because I've got off the bus. And so on throughout the day. "Are there enough left in this packet to see me through till tomorrow?" Going to bed when the packet's empty, then getting up again to jog across the city through the rain to find a shop still open.


And it's true that the tea thing is getting out of hand here in the same way. Any excuse for another cup - one to wake me up, one before I start work. This morning I tried going cold turkey once again. I managed a joyless tealess walk with the dog, but before lunch I felt a tea-withdrawal headache coming on, so of course I had to brew up. Medicinal purposes you see.

Still, I'm fortunate that I've got the good addiction, without the bad one to balance it up.


  1. Albert? Is that you?, feeling, clinging, craving, becoming, birth, ageing and death ... grief, sorrow, lamentations ... delusions, disappointments and despair ... suffering in this life! Dearie me! You can of course get addicted to anything if you're neurotic enough. But get a decent addiction for god's sake! Try getting addicted to giving me drugs. Leave the sailors alone and start growing some dope plants on the roof. (Good for the possums. They'll eat some and fall off!) Or find some opium and send me that. Dearie me! Addicted to tea!? Gie's a break! Hotboy

  2. I say!

    I can fully recommend the tea from ths part of the world.

    Especially Rooibos. Wouldn't start the day without a cuppa of red bush.

    MM III

  3. hotters - what's the longest you've ever been without a cup of tea?

    mingers - not you too! I've already had hotters pestering me to post details about the red bush I had in 1973.

  4. Albert? I drink tons of black tea at my jobbie and then I don't drink it at all from noon on Wednesday till Monday morning. So that's three days without tea. However that's ages long er than I'd spent not meditating, which is the addiction you should get into and then you won't be gay anymore. Not that there's anything the matter with being gay. In a previous lifetime I must have been gay as well. We might have entered a civil marriage in a previous lifetime except they didn't have them. Hope this helps. Hotboy

  5. Hotboy, thanks for the offer - I have nothing against your gay name, but I wouldn't marry you even in a previous life. Not that there's anything wrong with it. It's not your fault the priests got to you.

  6. Hotters - if you've got the willpower to kick tea, why not the other stuff? You never know, you might even get off the bliss.