Friday, May 22

from the diary - age 21

I found an old diary.
Monday night. Drank in both union bars with Vinnie and his moll. Played cards till 4 a.m. Next morning Moll burnt the black pudding.

Friday night. Met Mac at Yellow Carvel. Then Wester Hailes party with Vinnie and Moll.

Saturday night. Mac reminds me of the time we drank at Vinnie's and I threw buckets of water over Vinnie and Neil, then made fried Cream Crackers with onions. How does he remember things like that?

It didn't seem to occur to me to wonder what I was doing to my brain cells in those days that meant I had no memory of my own actions.

I have been researching Scottish fiction, by uploading it to a private web-page then downloading it from there into the ipod, for reading under the covers.

So far, I've loaded Alma Mater and Jock Tampon. Like Guffie in the book, I've had one of my brilliant ideas. Get the writer's permission to make one of his books publicly downloadable on the ebook site, then if enough people seem to be downloading it onto their ipods, make the other titles available for money. We'll clean up!


  1. Albert? Are you turning entreprenurial not that the aunties have blown the nazi gold? Good idea. I'll have ten percent off the top! Hotboy p.s. The last time I read yon play I thought it was awful, but I enjoyed writing it so it should have its moments.

  2. I say!

    Does Moll want some black pudding frying lessons from Doviko? He does a superb job, when the pudding is available, which isn't often.

    By the way, have you looked at the Duneditin 2009 news?.

  3. Moll's sometimes small case and sometimes title case. What does that tell about respect issues?

    I burnt those diaries, and not sure if this was the right thing to do, even now.

  4. Hotters, it's a done deal, 10% to you and 90% split between the website and Albert.

    Mingers, good Duneditin photo. I like the way you captured the guy at the front about to cop a shotgun in the chest. Did the big alien end up sucking the other people into its gills?

    Ionisers, I think it's because the moll's name is actually Moll. Like if Mingers was also a minger. Does that help? PS if respect is your bag, don't go to the trouser blog.

  5. Ion - thanks for "title case", I have often wondered what to call that.