Friday, September 25

accidental anal intercourse

A colleague in the anatomy department referred me to yet another interesting abstract from a professional journal.

"A postal survey was conducted of members of the Association of Forensic Physicians (UK) to determine whether accidental anal intercourse occurs in heterosexual relationships and, if so, whether intoxication by alcohol or drugs and sexual inexperience were likely to be causative factors. ....

... Amongst those with a history of accidental anal intercourse, 79% reported that they were sexually experienced at the time and 83% reported that their partners were sexually experienced. Personal intoxication by alcohol or drugs at the time of accidental anal intercourse was reported by 43%, with 41% reporting that their partners were intoxicated."
These findings concur with my own research, in which both participants were indeed 100% blootered. In my study the subject sadly died - there is no evidence of a causal relationship. Or even a caudal relationship.


  1. Albert? So that's why the dog always looks grumpy! Hotboy

  2. I say!

    That post didn't translate very well into Lomwe. The servants are very confused. The mime didn't seem to help at all.

    MM III

  3. Hotters, the dog is actually already committed to an oral relationship with Cap'n Kev.

    Mingers, what props were you using?