Friday, September 4

epoxy resin: a case report

A colleague in the anatomy department referred me to a most interesting abstract from a professional journal.

We describe a unique case of a patient presenting with rectal impaction following self-administration of a liquid used as masonry adhesive for anal sexual gratification. The solidified matter required laparotomy for its removal. Strategies for removing rectal foreign bodies are discussed as well as other consequences of inserting foreign material per rectum.
If only I had stuck in at my medical studies, I could have specialised in cases like this.


  1. Albert? You're so coy! We know you specialise in cases like this! Hotboy

  2. If I did, do you really think I'd keep it to myself?

  3. I say!

    Laparotomy - always best to avoid that one.

    MM III

  4. Mingers, surely there might be some occasions where it's advisable, so long as it's not DIY?