Sunday, September 27

emotional reunion

The Ipod went missing in action yesterday.

A credit card company had offered me 100 NSC dollars if I applied for a card, so last week I decided to blow the money - I went walkabout during a break at work, and bought myself a decent pair of earphones. As I returned to the office, I noticed my ipod had disappeared from where it's always clipped on my belt. It must have fallen off when I was shopping. Before I could even try out the new earphones. Which I now no longer needed.

I was cursing myself and the world in general. Losing not just the ipod, but all the data that was on it too.

Later, I saw it on the floor under my desk, where it must have fallen just as I got back to the office. The reunion was pretty emotional.


  1. Albert? So you know how to work an Ipod as well!! Very good! Can you have 'accidental' intercourse with it as well? If not, when is that model due out? Hotboy

  2. Hotters, that's not such a daft idea. I suppose it's the usual arrangement - I put in the technical know-how and you cream off 10% so to speak?

    I don't know how expropriators can live with themselves.

  3. I say!

    iPhones are supposed to be the gadget of the future/present.

    MM III

  4. Mingers - they probably wouldn't work in Malawi. You need electricity.