Thursday, September 10

such music be the food of love

Albert tells me the romance betwen the cleavage client and the jerk is progressing. Albert's using the time-honoured strategy for dealing with his ambivalent feelings - completely ignoring her so she doesn't notice he thinks she's special.

She was overheard telling her mates about an all-night dance they had been to. All that doof-doof music. He's had a lucky escape.


  1. I say!

    Romance is in the air. And it's probably spring in New Caledonia.

    MM III

  2. Albert! Doof doof music just makes old folk crabbit! Hotboy

  3. Albert? No photies? Please ... this is the photy opportunity of a lifetime. Drop your pencil .. she picks it up ... click! Dat's ma boy! Would you please recommend me to this josephine. Just tell her I'm old and rich. That does it for quite a lot of folk! Hotboy

  4. Mingers, how perceptive! Indeed the increased sunlight seems to be acting on the pineal body. Happens every year. How inconvenient.

    Hotters. Old and rich, one's got precisely half what it takes. Perfect balance.