Tuesday, September 29

career success avoidance 1

Following the success of my post on career success, certain commenters jumped to conclusions. They were assuming that it's an advantage in life to come from the ranks of the management classes. If anything one deserves sympathy, after having to grow up alongside these future captains of industry, at knob school.

The few career opportunities that ever came my way (so far) were of my own making, and I was able to mess them up all by myself.

The only respectable job I ever consented to was when someone talked me into taking a university research post.

I used to keep the blackboard in my office covered in meaningless scribbles, just in case the professor dropped in. It was a cover for what I was really doing with the grant money - writing software to print index labels for all my jazz radio tapes. I was able to maintain the pretence for several years, just long enough to last until I got the black spot, the perfect excuse for shelving the jazz research.

If I remember my sunday school lessons correctly, to him who hath shall be given. And so it came to pass that I received other offers, on the strength of the research job ...


  1. Albert? So you can fix computers! When you finally come over to Europe to collect the nazi gold, you'll have to fix my computery thing. The wireless connectivity is completed funged in the vital one in my bedroom. Hotboy

  2. Want to come over here and work on my computers? It would not be all work... I could show you around the "Heart of Dixie" (Alabama)!!
    Have missed you.
    Lee Ann

  3. Do I detect a distinct theme to these comments? This is why I never go to parties, well one reason at least. You mention anything remotely to do with computers, and suddenly every deifheid wants to tell you about their broken PCs. At least LA has the decency to offer compensation and a good photo.

    PS hotters, my own wireless thingy went bung a couple of days ago, I assumed it was some sort of worldwide conspiracy. Fixed it by the sophisticated strategy of switching it off at the mains for a minute. It could help you. The usual terms, i.e. bugger all.

  4. Albert? I knew you'd be completely useless. When you threw us out in the wilderness from your motor, it was obvious that you weren't going to be any help at all. Wait till you need meditated for!!! Just wait!! Ten percent of the nazi gold up front will be the least of it! Hotboy

  5. I say!

    I have a couple of computer problems as well. I pay in MGTs, naturally.

    MM III