Wednesday, March 21

figures of speech

There was no walk this weekend because of rain. Instead, there were museum visits. I'm not allowed to post photos of the cellmate, so instead here's Mr and Mrs Hank Marvin. In the background is the royal palace of New South Caledonia.

A museum photo of an early car crash, possibly the origin of the term "wrapped around a lamp post".

Possibly the origin of the term cellmate.

I bottled beer number 24, which I hope will be my final brew. Life's too short to waste with buckets and bottles, when you could be savouring real Bavarian stuff. If home brew is a little like playing with oneself, Erdinger would be a night with a Berlin call girl (I imagine). PS this was written before Hotters' home brew vs Erdinger post, not in reaction to it.


  1. Museums are fun, especially on a rainy day.

    That car photo is rather terrifying, humans think of their cars as tanks protecting them from everything and allowing them to behave badly. They are really metal coffins waiting for that moment to crush you.

    I only use beer to cook with, never drink the stuff.

  2. Albert? Raining? What kind of a desert did that turn out to be? Do you get snow as well? Just wondering. Hotboy

  3. Nanners, pity the poor idiots in that car. Hope no innocent bystanders were involved.

    Hotters, what's snow again? We've had no summer here this year - might as well have stayed in Jockoland.

  4. I say!

    Glad you survived the car crash.

    MM III

  5. Albert? I walked all the way to Waitrose to get Erdinger last night, and they've stopped selling it! Basturns! I drowned my sorrows with five bottles of Bavarian wheatbeer instead. Hotboy

  6. Mingers, I'm fortunate my life hasn't been one long car crash. Still I'm not expecting to survive it.

    Hotters. Waitrose no-name weissbier comes a close second I reckon. Good you didn't have to resort to home brew.

  7. Albert? I put on the home brew a couple of days ago. It's expensive at £16 a can, but it does taste like weissbier. Could you ask Doctor Bob why I like alcohol and such, because I do. I really do. Do some folk just not like things like that or what? Are you alive without desire? Hmmm? You could try to find the first question and answer that one. Hotboy