Tuesday, March 13

walkies again

Three hour walk with backpacks along a muddy track.

When we got lost, the iPhone GPS came in handy.

Surprised to happen upon a waterside restaurant at the end.

Bottled the weissbier last week. It used a special yeast, so I started a new lager brew in the same bucket with the same yeast. Today it's finished, so it'll go into bottles or down the drain.

There's a dental disaster brewing, but the cellmate is going out of her way to be an absolute sweetie, to balance things up.


  1. Sorry about the teeth! Bugger! Great first photie. Hotboy

  2. I say!

    Were there any bushman paintings?

    MM III

  3. Hotters. Have you been taking empathy classes? PS You'll notice the spat-out looking sauce around the fish.

    Mingers, maybe, but one's eyes were mostly on the ground, picking the least muddy path.

  4. Looks like a grand detour.

    Sorry to hear about the teeth troubles.

  5. Thanks Nanners. Still, it's not a hospital affair, like in your case. Hope you're further on the mend.