Sunday, March 11

floor-based sleeping

Still missing the dog, and looking forward to when I'm old and settled, so I can get another one. There's few things more reassuring than a contented dog lying asleep on the floor.

When I was a kid we had a hound, a useless thing but good natured.

He liked sleeping in front of the fire, but rarely got the chance. In the evenings he usually had to yield the fireside position to my old man. And at the weekend, when the old man went away fishing, my brother or I would take over the floor.

There are no photos of the old man sleeping on the carpet, but I found one taken, many years later, by the (platonic) love of his life, or maybe by her husband.


  1. Albert? I hope you get another doggie! You should get a collie and then you'd never have a spare moment. Hotboy

  2. I say Hotboy!

    Where do you most frequently pass out?

    MM III

  3. Hotters, I rarely have a spare moment as it is.

    Mingers. Albert passes out on the bus, but never ends up in Loanhead.

  4. I'm a cat person myself, don't much care for dogs.

    Humans looks silly when they sleep.

  5. Cats are great too. I was converted by one that stepped in through the window in 1982, and refused to leave. She was a real lady.