Monday, March 26


Last week I chopped up one of the two falling-over trees. Not ideally how I want to spend my time, but neither do I want to be surrounded by jungle. And the tradesman option would be almost as much work, except that you also get to pay. I used a chainsaw-on-a-pole, a great contraption.

The sawing was the fun part. The bundling up was a pain.

The weekend walk was a 5-hour affair, on level ground and in bright sunshine for a change.


  1. I say!

    I'm very fortunate to have Wilson to do both the cutting down, and the bundling up.

    MM III

  2. Albert? Do you have a wood stove? Hotboy

  3. Looks like hard work, but as you say it has to be done. Never much cared for chainsaws, but I'm dangerous with most tools.

    Lovely walk pics. Is there a story to go with the wrecked boat?

  4. Mingers. Is there no end to Wilson's talents?

    Hotters. No, but I could always have another bonfire to entertain the fire brigade.

    Nanners, I'd like to know too. I googled the boat's registration without success.