Wednesday, June 27

popular rock music

3rd anniversary of Michael Jackson's death. I watched the film of his last rehearsals. Better than an actual concert, it showed him as a musical director and choreographer. I had always thought of him as just a competent singer of his own songs. Sure, he was wacko, but so probably was Mozart.

I made the mistake of watching in bed, and then the beat kept me awake. The songs are fairly slight if you listen critically, and if anyone else covered them, they'd sound empty.

Somebody, perhaps Guns n Roses, covered Sympathy For The Devil, showing up the song's weakness.

The granny groupie at work told me the Stones are definitely retiring next year.


  1. Amazing to me how many talented people burn themselves out on fame.

    I expect I am pretty happy I am short on talent and not interested in being famous.

    The Stones should have retired years ago.

  2. I say!

    Here's a band that will never retire. They are even older than Hotboy, yet they are touring DownUnder soon.

    MM III

  3. Albert? I wonder who that band could be? Refuse to clicky on anything that doesn't have a THIS IS NOT THE BEACH BOYS attached! Hotboy

  4. Nanners, I agree. Albert is contented to be mediocre, and enjoys the talents of others.

    Mingers. If I clicked through, I suspect I would be very happy not to be in Australia.

    Hotters, unfortunately even the no beach boys label couldn't be trusted.