Wednesday, June 27

transit between worlds

Started the big trip to the old world, by getting up at 3 am, then took the first bus of the day (breaking in my pensioners pass) all the way to the airport. Even though I use that bus often, I found it hard to recognize the scenery en route. Either because of the ungodly hour, or I've had a minor stroke.

BTW there was a time when it seemed the black spot would do for me, even though it doesn't run in my family. Surviving that may have allowed me to live long enough to meet a stroke head on (which does run in the family). It all balances up over time.

Anyway, I enjoyed staring into space on the bus. And the feeling of lightness. Leaving everything behind. I reckon a good death would feel a bit similar, especially if you managed to die with everything still in working order.

Free breakfast here in the frequent flyer lounge includes all the booze you can drink. What a shame I can't use it, nor send it to bloggy chums who'd know what to do with it.

In the paper they're on about Scotland's coming independence. Then, for the benefit of their NSC readers, they list three great Scots: Walllace, Rob Roy, and Sean Connery.

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  1. I say!

    If your route takes you anywhere near Kalimbuka, be sure to drop in.

    MM III