Wednesday, October 14

death and axes

An email from Dances Etc. Thanks to friendsreuntied he's back in contact with Harry, who told him:

Martin who lived with me in Edinbrough unfortunately he experienced an acute psychotic schizophrenia and attacked his parents with an axe very sad and I lost contact with him many years ago. I am still meeting with Ossie from Glasgow/Edinbrough he lives in Kew.

And it appears Harry has forgiven Albert's brother for deliberately freaking him out when we were all working in Germany. Harry was tripping and the brother chased him around the place with a large glass bowl full of lentil soup.


  1. Albert? Last time I saw Martin he unexpectedly came to see me from the looney bin and I dumped him in Buccleuch Terrace as fast as I could. He was more mad then though. He told me he'd been in the bin for quite some years, but did not mention the axe. Careful with that axe, Eugene. Shame. Hope Harry is prospering. He went out with the Dom Bliss's sister which is more than you ever managed. Hotboy

  2. The basturn!

    Plus, he borrowed 20 quid off me before he disappeared.

    PS are you saying you managed it?

  3. I say!

    Axes and lentil soup. I know which one I'd prefer to face. Was it tinned soup or home-made? That might have made a difference.

    MM III

  4. Mingers, good point. It was jellied Kraut soup with live sausages, which wouldn't have helped.