Sunday, October 18

up and down in oz and nsc

Visiting Albert for the mass walk round the harbour today.

Lost the will to live yesterday. Must have been a dodgy batch of pills. To show you how bad things were - the best part of the day was the three hours I spent helping Cap'n Kev fix up his laptop. I had to develop inner calm as there were no heavy blunt objects to hand.

But today things will surely look up, with Albert's conversational skills and his dog. And there will be cups of life-giving tea, to spur on the heart to the finishing line.


  1. Albert? The reason why you lost the will to live is because you don't meditate. If you were generating your own bliss and joy ... glad to hear that you've actually fixed someone's computery thing instead of pretending you don't know anything about them. That's progress surely. Glad you enjoyed that as well. I'll get one for you to fix the next time I see you. Hotboy

  2. Hotters, some people are beyond repair.