Monday, October 12

halfway point

Half way through the 2-week holidays, what have I done with the time?

Well it's birthday time here, and much time has been spent on that. The partner's side of the family manages to drag its birthdays out over several weeks. On the first weekend of the hols, I took the partner to the cinema for an advance birthday treat (because the actual birthday would be too chock full of social events) and a birthday meal a deux.

Then during the week I had to do birthday shopping for several presents, including an industrial-size roll of those blue and white synthetic cloths that she so loves.

Mid-week, there was a gathering of the usual deifheids for a birthday dinner, where the great food was spoilt only by the incessant conversation. Fortunately, after the first 3 hours I was able to lie on the floor and stroke the dog. I had agreed to drive home afterwards so that the partner could get blootered, but that meant I didn't even have the option of enjoying a shandy.

The Saturday just gone, there was the partner's birthday lunch with the boy of the family, and his girlfriend. That was actually great, because of the waves of Chinese food and the absence of adults. Most young folk have yet to learn deifheid skills. Afterwards, I picked up a box of 20 mangoes at the market, and retired a deux for an "nap" with mangoes. The sheets were due to be changed anyway.

Then we had the shopping expedition to get the boy a present for his birthday tomorrow (yet another party).

I'm not sure that work could be any busier than this holiday.


  1. Albert? The jobbie has allowed access to the blogosphere. Hurrah! All birthdays are best ignored. Especially other peoples! Hotboy

  2. Hotters, to balance things up, I ignore my own birthday. That's how I stay so young. You could try it.