Monday, October 19

second half plans

I wrote this half way through the hols, but forgot to hit publish.

So what am I going to do with the second week of the holidays?

I keep saying I'm going to swim, but since winter has returned the finger skin is all cracked again, and chlorine water gets in and opens up the cracks. But what am I, a man or a mouse? I'll swim today.

Some more walking - I'm in training for the big walk with Albert, and yesterday I did another 3-hour power walk. The partner has had to bow out due to injury, so on the day it may be just me and Albert (plus Albert's dog).

I need to revisit the site called, to research graduation photos of some bloggers and other folk I know.

At the start of the hols I promised myself I would do all those little work-related jobs that are not mandatory but would make my life (and the clients' lives) more interesting. Of course, that resolution lasted just one day, but I hereby resolve to get back into it.

Using an old hula hoop and several long straight limbs chopped from the trees last month, I've built a netting cage around the mango tree. The neighbour calls it my bird cage - he thinks the birds will get in at the bottom.


  1. Albert? If you want to catch something you could try anaemia. Cracked skin on fingers. Someone I know had that, a sign of anaemia. Maybe that's why you look like death warmed up. Hope this helps. Hotboy

  2. A big help Hotters. Hereabouts they test one's blood every year, and of course I'm completely normal.

    Did they say if flatulence can split the skin? I'm asking for a friend.

    Some day try posting a pic of your good self and let the blogosphere decide. I can help with Photoshop.

  3. Mingers, they'd have to be big mozzies, but I did trap a giant dragonfly in it, unintentionally.