Thursday, July 8

for posterity

I was emptying the phone memory, and threw these 2008 texts out. For the benefit of future social archaeologists, they are preserved here, in chronological order I think.

I'M on the bus now, think i'M quite near i can see the big tower thing.

almost food poisoned eating old dears re-reheated chicken. dont call her, 9 hrs BEHIND. dude feral re bank. mattress! hope flight good + fuselage intact. XXXXX

Cant find it meet me at zoo station shops when your ready r

Don't think I'll be in Scotland, bummer, I'd love to see you. What are your movements and dates? Love, Pat

C'est très jolly joli le noo maintenant et le mer et si bon... J'espere quand meme avec vous aussi 'n' that. Amitiés. John E Perpignon-and-on. P.S. Mortie Noir roulerais dans son grave. Tant piss

Hi valerie. rob1 told me just to take the key, he's still there. thanks. rob2

Will be out all sunday (and most of monday), what's best for you? i can leave a tarp out. or following sunday is free. regards, r

ion ether, was still hoping to drag U away from sluggery 4 coffee, right up till i quit eburg just now. next time? go well, rob (studying the form)

i told mary i'll get the onions for dinner - let me know if you need anything else. see you tonight

love and admire you so much darling xxxxxx. Take care of yourself.

Cld meet u on monday 3pm at the top of byres rd? Linda

Hi Linda, good we caught up and met some of your family. regards, rob

Boarding for tokyo in about five mins. will email you arran canasta photos. cheers. rob

Bon voyage rob! Was guid seein yees. Im on the dunkirk ferry. Home thursday. Tok soon. P

Lovely 2 catch up. Hope u have a safe journey home. Linda

Boarding at london now, thanks again for everything dude, love rob


  1. Rodz Kohime here.

    That's serious socio-archaeological shit! You need to document this on a full-time basis.


  2. Albert? I've never written a text. The first one I read said: I want to fung you all night long. That really put me off! But reading your old texts makes me realise what I've been missing. Have you also got the twittery thing? Do you have enlarged thumbs? Hotboy

  3. Mingers, I'm glad you said that. I've got plenty more where that came from.

    Hotters, I've never sent myself a phone photie, so we're equal. If that text was from one of your dockside contacts, I'm not surprised it put you off.

    PS twittering is just blogging for people who can't blog.