Friday, July 2

abluter user interface

I was reading about Glastonbury toilets, where last century people used to throw themselves into latrines, probably with embarrassment at crapping with no door. Apparently some folk even died of shame on the pan. Nowadays Glastonbury has hermetic robotic toilets. Everything balances up over time.

In Jockland recently I went in a train bog with a sliding star trek door that swished closed behind me. While seated, I thought I'd double check that the door really was locked. On pushing the red "Close" button, I was surprised when the door whizzed open again, giving a panoramic view of half the carriage. Those train designers should attend Albert's classes on user interface design.


  1. Albert? Okay, why don't you just post the dance on Youtube? Hotboy

  2. Albert? I think blogging might help some people who are hanging off the world, but ... this is about public embarrassment and toilet stuff again. Can you not post some photies of the babes who were there when you were thirty years ago? I think this would help. Hotboy p.s. the fat one on the castle rock would be good to look at again!

  3. Hotters. Thank goodness for mentors. You're right, I need to put some work in at the trouser blog.

  4. I say!

    Why did you feel a need to double check the lock?

    MM III

  5. Mingers. I work in digital tech.