Wednesday, July 21

losing the advantage

Yesterday the boss issued a proclamation, via email, that all employees were to stay late last night. So they could queue up outside his door to receive their personal timetables for the rest of the year.

And verily I emailed him that I wouldn't be staying late, but I would come to his office this morning and see him.

Round one to me.

Yet it came to pass this morning on the way to work, that I spied a record shop having a big CD sale. By the time I left the shop with 18 CDs in my bag, it was nearly midday. There was no point in going to work and leaving immediately for lunch, so by the time I get to see the boss it will be afternoon.

Round 2 may go to him. Fair enough, it all has to balance up. It's my own fault for losing the upper hand.

But if even half of those CDs are as good as I think, it'll be worth it.

Readers might be interested to know that three of the CDs were by a gay Bavarian singing Handel and Vivaldi, falsetto, in Latin. What a fortunate creature I am, not to be a deifheid.

- Posted from iPod at lunch.


  1. Albert? I would advise the diarrhoea alternative. If your boss asks you why you didn't show up, just tell him you were overcome with a terrible diarrhoea problem. Also, offer to tell him about it by subtle body language, as in indicating: May I go on with a raised eyebrow. If he doesn't encourage you, well, you can understand that, but if he's a basturn and wants you to continue, then you can get all that evil bourgeois, calvinist toilet training problem out of your system once and for all. A ten minute description of the worst scenario you can imagine. Feign would I suggest such a scenario because of good taste, but ...Your boss would never recover from this. In fact, he may ask for early retirement on the spot.This is balancing everything up!!! For ever! And you've got the CDs to waste you life on listening to! Hope this helps. Hotboy

  2. I say!

    I'm a Spotify chap myself, nowadays.

    If I ever tell the staff to pitch up at a certain time, I expect it to happen. And I have tallied up how many times all of their fathers, uncles and cousins have passed away. It's all on a chart. They have all been orphaned several times, according to the chart, but I allow for the fact that hereabouts uncles sometimes become fathers.

    MM III

  3. Hotters. Brillant! I think that may be one of the most helpful things you have ever said. In fact I could read him my post from last week.

    Mingers. Spotify! I understand it's all the rage amongst you youngsters. And now I understand why they were selling off all the CDs cheap. And why all the customers were old folk like me.

  4. I say!

    No-one under 50 buys CDs anymore.

    MM III