Sunday, July 18

deifheids bonding

'Cocaine n fitba mak homosexuals ay us aw' - the great bard Rabbie Burns, according to Irvine Welsh, in If You Liked School You'll Love Work.

Friday night, there was a dinner for the full complement of deifheids. The cellmate went along, but I wasn't invited. Result!

Next day, she said she had observed how the male deifheids do a lot of their bonding over a shared hatred of homosexuals. That's interesting.

I was fascinated to realise that several PC males, who might have been expected to at least feign respect for sexual minorities, are homophobes when they get together.

Deifheids enjoying a whinge session is hardly surprising, because a deifheid by definition has to talk about himself, and that includes his complaints and resentments. .

And yet in a way it is surprising, because a deifheid by definition is too self absorbed to listen to another whinger.

It all balances up.

I'm just thankful that (1) I didn't have to waste an evening listening to it, and (2) I myself never whinge about anything.

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  1. Albert? If I got offered a Lewinsky from a camel, I might not refuse right now. Does that make me a faggot or what? You should have went along with your I Love Barbara Streisand tee shirt on, the one cut off short. I think that kind of works for you. Sing if your glad to be gay. Hope this helps. Hotboy

  2. You're right, it's all about supply and demand. Look what the bears get up to in prison.

    Fortunately I haven't reecently been desperate enough to accept the dog's advances, but then my ching isn't through the roof from excessive blissage.

  3. Here in the enlightened islands we don't use faggot any more. We've been inundated with reader requests to censor comments but in an ecumenical spirit we keep our door open to all sinners.

  4. That's not anonymous, it's me.

  5. I say!

    I totally agree with the idea of never whinging. Except if the Aussies score a lot of runs in the first innings. In which circumstances it's very understandable.

    MM III