Friday, April 16


I was impressed to learn that the EU heid bummer writes haiku, the Japanese verse form that consists of three lines of five, seven and five syllables respectively.

Here is one of his haiku:

When the storm subsides
the sea finds its usual calm.
Fire scorches forever.

I thought I would try my hand:

Young folk get acne,
old faces get leprosy.
It all balances.


  1. Albert? A Spence's one went something like this:
    Thirteen donkeys in a field
    Thirteen donkeys in a field
    Thirteen donkeys in a field
    How can that be a haiku if all the lines have the same number of syllables. They're all crap anyway! Hotboy

  2. I say!

    The bowler bowled
    The batsman missed
    The ball hit

    BTW, a field with 13 donkeys in it is a very busy field, and there should be lots of manure.

    MM III

  3. HotRod. Not sure any of us have quite grasped the aesthetic