Sunday, April 18

imperial forces move east to the south side

I had arranged to visit Emperor Suleyman in the West, but old dear stuff spilled over so we couldn't go. Instead I grabbed some Kip at the housing department and tried to warm my bones.

Meanwhile, lo and behold! Suleyman The Magnificent assembled his tribe and descended on Edinburgh. We piled aboard the imperial carriage. Appointed navigator, I took us on a roundabout route but we ended up at just the right place, The Southsider.

There was welcoming staff, a big table by the fire, well priced good bar food, and two types of Erdinger. They let us open a tab and just keep ordering stuff. Man, I was so happy I reached into my pocket at the end and beat Suley to the draw.

After hot choc back at the housing department, they departed for the west, and we caught Frank Skinner on TV.

Tomorrow we'll have a nice chinwag with some other dear friends. Things are looking up. And thank goodness for double bliss pills.


  1. Albert? The Southsider must have changed a bit since the days when I used to drink! And you actually spent some of your own money. I'd have to see the video to be convinced. Hotboy

  2. Hotters. The Southsider obviously would have improved when you stopped going there.