Wednesday, April 14

housing department hotel

The office building where I worked in a dead-end job is now a hotel. Amd our room is in the exact place where my desk was, except on a different floor.

The back stairs haven't been renovated since my time, so walking up them brings the memories back. All those years I wasted! Except that I met Denny here.

In fact, come to think of it, our room is at the precise place where I first noticed Denny bending over. The thought of her perfect bottom should enhance the bedroom athletics tonight or whenever. We've got another week here.

One of the improvements since my day (apart from the obvious one, the bar) is the pool. I swam yesterday. The only other folk in the pool were a jolly peasant couple, a tattooed bruiser and his svelte consort.

After my swim, when I went into the changing room, he was there already. I was about to take my swimming breeks off when the girlfriend walked in to ask him for his wallet or something. I paused, waiting for her to leave, but then I thought - hang on, she shouldn't be in here. So I went right ahead and wandered past her in the buff. It's not every day you get a chance to flash a babe and get away with it. It felt fantastic, not in a sexual way but in a nudist way. Obviously there was nothing in it for her - she's clearly into big guys and I'm utterly normal sized. The only frisson I could think of laying on for her was a fart, but sadly I was all out of gas.

I had to be subtle, because her man was probably on steroids, and could explode in a homicidal rage. The night before, I had watched a heavyweight fight between, I think, Haye and Luis or Ruis. Totally different boxing styles. It was an exciting fight, with much to admire in both fighters.


  1. Albert? It is weird being in that place again. Did you choose it on purpose? I'm glad you got to take your clothes in front of someone of the opposite sex for a change. Must have been quite a change from the docks. Hotboy p.s. You should contact the Dom Bliss about Saturday as she keeps annoying me about where you are, etc. Mingin' could be involved, but get in touch with her.

  2. I say!

    I think you're quite right...there would be nothing much in it for her.

    MM III

  3. Hotters. If she wasn't annoying you about me, it would be some other pretext.

    Mingers, there was a wall-sized mirror, so at least there was something for me to admire. It all balances up.

  4. Albert? So it was a distorting mirror.