Saturday, April 17

they came they saw they took

The old dear had kept saying "they're going to take me away" and we kept telling her she was being paranoid, that nobody was going to take her away. Besides, we wouldn't let them.

The psycho doc came today. Took one look. And took her away. "Can I go tomorrow instead?" "No."

There were no handcuffs, but let's put it this way: when she got to the hospital, there were no consent forms to sign.


  1. Albert? I've no idea what it must be like to be psychotic. I must ask Mingin'. Hotboy
    p.s. After asking what the difference was between neurotic and psychotic, the guy told me the patient, who was psychotic, had really long nails so he could remember his name. Can you guess the name? Hotboy

  2. I say!

    The expectation is that, one day, they will come and take each and every one of us away. Let's hope that in the case of Hotters, it's sooner rather than later.

    MM III

  3. Hotters. Was it Alec McClochendichter? Alec McClippersbust? Struwwelpeter? I give in.

    Mingers. Sometimes one feels like preemptively taking oneself away. Or taking everyone else out. But it wouldn't help.

  4. Hotters. Do you know how helpful that was?

  5. Albert? When all are losing theirs, you have to remember your name. My name is Karma Dorje. Hope this helps. Hotboy