Wednesday, March 9

personal services

Every so often I visit a chic young Asian lady of ample cleavage at her workplace. I decided to book another session with her for today. As usual she took me into a small darkened room, where I took my clothes off and lay down. She poured lubricant over my body, before rubbing me with an electric vibrator.

She recorded the whole 30-minute session on video, and when it was all over and she had wiped down the furniture, we watched the highlights together in slow motion, pausing at the best bits to discuss my organ. And she gave me some pictures to take home with me. I could show you one, but this is a family blog.

Naturally she was doing it for the money, but fortunately I wasn't paying. In this country the government picks up the tab for abdominal ultrasound scans. What a great place this is!

PS the result was all good, which is even better than whatever you may have imagined was going on.


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  2. McKenzie. Publish and bedamned.