Friday, March 11

pressing problems

Met Cap'n Kev yesterday, and passed on Hotters' tip about prostate milking. Turns out Kev and the cabin girl have been doing it for years anyway, without knowing it had a name and a medical use.

Meanwhile, Kev has had a brainwave for solving the pressing problem in North Africa, using the same business model as Sea Shepherd, the brave folk who chase and harass the Japanese whaling fleet around the southern oceans. No government or international body is game to take on the whalers, yet this year Sea Shepherd has sent the whole fleet packing back to Japan. The scheme is run on a shoestring by volunteers, and their ships and equipment are financed by yuppies who donate online.

So here's Kev's idea for North Africa, where one country after another is condeming Gandolfi but nobody will actually do anything.

It seems Gandolfi's weakness is that all his fighters and armaments are concentrated in a small zone outside the capital.

So Kev would get somebody like Albert to set up a website, to bring in donations from private citizens all over the world. When there's enough money in the kitty to pay for a black market cruise missile - bang! Shock and awe by private donation obliterates Gandolfi's side.

There may be a weakness somewhere in Kev's plan, but I can't put my finger on it.


  1. I say!

    I can safely say that I've never put whale on the braai.

    MM III

  2. Albert? Could you set me up a website as well, please, so that folk could donate money to me. Hotboy

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  4. Mingers. I think Kev prefers something smaller than a whale in his braal.

    Hotters. Cut out the middle man. Take the free bus to Princes St and busk.