Saturday, March 5

good day

I haven't walked much recently, because people were urging me not to overtax the dog's heart.

This morning I thought to hell with caution. We had a proper long walk, with climbs and sweats. And the dog kept up.

On the way back we passed a butcher frying sausages outside his shop, and giving them away. The cellmate said - no thanks, we're vegetarians but the dog will try one. Brazen! I would have put the sausage in my mouth, then spat it out round the corner for the dog.

It's the weekend but I had to work. Like visiting a hospital when you're healthy, or a university when you're no longer a student, going in to work on the weekend is a treat.

Meanwhile, Albert had a client last year, the most exquisitely beautiful, charming and intelligent creature imaginable. Naturally he fell for her, and had to work hard at not staring.

Well this year she's back. Albert overheard her talking in gushing terms about her coming wedding. What a dreadful waste! Since then, he has taken her off her pedestal, and cold-shouldered the poor lass. He just can't forgive her.

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  1. I say!

    Here in Kalimbuka the servants eat mostly the same food as the dogs - nsima with dried fish. We also put vegetable peelings in with the dog food. Wilson would like to know what a sausage tastes like. Doviko obviously has tasted sausages - leftovers. Those people living in villages far away from the Lake, where they get less protein, are always listless and unhealthy-looking.

    MM III

  2. Mingers, you spoil Doviko with all that protein. You'll make him strong enough to turn against his master. Just look at the dog's breakfast to the north of you.

  3. Hi! Hope the doggie is ok!
    Miss you...hello, hope all is well with you.
    Lee Ann

  4. Hiya Lee, so nice to hear from you. I hope all is well with you and the castlehound. Love from Rob.

  5. Albert? Old dogs? Dearie, dearie me! Hotboy

  6. You can't teach them new tricks like blissology.