Friday, March 18

exercise report

Yoga report
  • Yesterday I got to work so early, that I had time to do some magic yoga in the office before starting work. What a difference!
  • I also discovered a powerful  exercise for stretching the ligaments under the foot. A big help. I'm happy to pass it on to anyone else who suffers from fascist heel.

Cardiac exercise
  • Today I did 2500 steps on the step machine, probably equivalent to going up a 50 storey building. It took 35 minutes at a leisurely pace.


  1. Albert? Glad you're enjoying the yoga. I ran up thirteen flights of a Ramadan hotel in HOng Kong once, the non air conditioned service stairs. Nearly killed me so well down with climbing the Eiffel Tower. Hotboy

  2. Albert? Done, not down!! Hotboy p.s. the spell checker on my didgeridoo did it and then ran away!!

  3. See what I mean about the interfering spell checker?
    PS I wasn't running up the Eiffel Tower, just plodding.