Sunday, March 20

sobering experience

Recently I discovered by accident how to do yoga in power mode. I've decided it's time to start demanding more of myself.

Thanks to a fitness app called GPP Intensity, I've found a great exercise called burpees. Very simple but completely knackering.

A fit young person is supposed to do 12 in 30 seconds, followed by several other killer activities, and repeat all of it several times without a break. I managed just 4 burpees in 30 seconds before I needed a complete rest. Pathetic.

But I came back to it in the course of the day, and it makes you really feel alive. It loads up the heart so you can feel it going boom! boom!

Now, I know what you're thinking - I'll give myself a coronary. But nobody in my family has ever had heart trouble. Mind you, we've all had cancer. It balances up.

PS Note to self - never try burpees first thing in the morning or you'll set off the shagger's back. Actually, do the yoga beforehand and you'll probably be warmed up enough. How do fit people manage to have time left over to do normal living?


  1. Albert? Mr Iyengar's yogic jumpings ... start with putting your palms on the floor and then jump back into a press-ups positions with your elbows bent. Then push into a dog pose. Raise head. Jump into the first position and straighten up. Take great big breaths and follow them. That's the way to do it!! Do five of them and then call an ambulance!! Hotboy p.s. Burpees are for flatheids!!

  2. Hotters. Downward dog or upward?

  3. I say!

    I jumped up once, in December. It was to save Mrs M's MGT from falling on the floor after she'd knocked it off the table. Didn't spill a drop. That was quite enough exercise for me.

    MM III

  4. Mingers. Mrs M is a sweetie to arrange these "accidents" just to give you the exercise. People like Rodders get too much exercise. It all balances up.