Wednesday, March 30

day full of health

Today was all about health. It began with an inauspicious stuff-up. When I got to the dentist, he discovered that he'd forgotten to order the materials for the gold crown, so it was a wasted journey. Presumably it comes in a bullion van.

But now I had extra time on my hands, and I used the time to go and see the GP. By chance, I got the great GP instead of the lackadaisical one.

(1) I asked her to explain what the fat liver means. At first she was as perplexed as I was. Fat liver is unheard of in skinny teetotalers. But then I explained that I had been eating lots of fat, especially butter, to balance up my Northern hemisphere friend giving up dairy. I should have known better.

The doc said: Aha! That'll be what's causing the fat liver.

I had been trying to gain weight, but it seems everything balances up, and while fat makes fat people fatter, it can make thin people actually lose weight. Except presumably in the liver.

So I've to replace some dietary fat with protein, and everything will gradually balance out again. Result!

(2) The recent chest x-ray showed something called chronic airways disease, which sounds bad, but she says it's just caused by aging, and having smoked. It's not reversible, but if I stay active and don't smoke (why would I after 25 years?) it shouldn't be a big problem. Result number 2! I'm not falling apart any faster than I should be. The universe is unfolding as it should.

(3) After Buddhist vegetables with noodles near the doctors, I went for the 2-yearly check up with the surgeon built like a shithouse. I was feeling quite buoyant, and treated him like the young man he is compared to me. And he was much friendlier than usual. Perhaps in the past, by being a scared little child in the doctor's office like most people do, I used to put him off balance too.

The checkup took about two minutes, everything seemed clear, and he charged me about half. Result number 3!

I went to a great wee cafe for tea and almond cake. The healthy diet can start tomorrow.

(4) When I got home, the dog's trial heart medication seemed to be kicking in, and she was acting younger, the labored breathing apparently gone for now.

What a great day it turned out to be.

I played the library yoga DVD, and followed along, doing umpteen different warriors.

Cooked a stir fry just in time for the cellmate's return from work. Then watched Graham Norton. Kate Hudson was on. She looks like Denny (a more glam version to be sure), even down to the hands and mannerisms. Lovely.

This a photo of Kate or maybe Denny, it no longer matters which. I can't afford to be choosy.

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  1. Albert? Nice to see that you've stopped worrying about your health. I've the fat liver and the fat belly as well as the rancid lungs, but see if I care! Hotboy p.s. I think your liver has been affected by drinking all that beer with no beer in it! Ha, ha!

  2. Hotters. If I had your problems, I would give up caring too.

    I could always try worrying about the number of drop dead gorgeous dusky maidens amongst the clientele. It could burst a blood vessel so it could.

  3. I say!

    Every time I've been to China I've noticed how much protein they eat there, yet most of them don't put on any weight - in fact, they tend to look a bit skinny.

    Protein only makes the sap rise, which is why:

    a) there are so many Chinese

    b) you are posting a snap of a girl in a bikini.

    Before each trip to Egypt or Sudan, I used to eat a tin of condensed milk every day for a month. "Tin please, Doviko!" I would demand, after breakfast.

    The idea was that this would help when I caught El Obeid belly and lost weight. In the event, of course, I have an iron stomach. Eat anything, I can!

    The only time I've suffered was once in Kassala market. The roast camel tasted fine, but when I saw what I'd just eaten a slice of (a camel kabab), it was black. Not black from overcooking, but black from all the flies that were feasting off it. The next day I was out of action all morning.

    MM III

  4. I say!

    This is wonderful reporting.

    MM III

  5. Mingers, that makes more sense than a lot of the comments I usually get.

    An American trying to enjoy cricket! Deserves respect, especially handicapped by an American attention span.

    I do hope Mrs M avoided the camel kebab.

  6. I say!

    Mrs M was already suffering, and did not partake of the kebab.

    MM III