Thursday, April 7

fortunate to be me

What a great day it's going to be. One of those days where you leap out of bed with a hop skip and jump, before you remember you're an old man and likely to injure something. Yesterday I took one of the dog's heart pills by mistake, so that may have helped.

I've got the whole day off. And two weeks off coming up! Then Easter brings an excuse to listen to umpteen versions of the St Matthew Passion. This time last year I was frozen in Frankfurt, but here it's only freezing by our standards.

It's still only breakfast time and already I delivered the killer blow in an online scrabble game. 105 points.


  1. Albert? Nice to see that there's an alternative to seeking ra bliss. Chopping down mango trees, was it? This meditation juju was made for you as well. Dearie me! Hotboy

  2. I say Hotboy! When are you going to try the Tapping Technique? It's surely a short-cut to the bliss. None of this 6 hour a day meditation malarkey, but instead, a few taps, and you're done!

    MM III

  3. Hotters, because I live a clean and sober life I don't need to meditate, but it's probably best you stick with it.

    Mingers, I followed that link but there doesn't seem to be any cricket in it. What's happening to you?