Thursday, April 14

holiday time

In the middle of a walk through the woods with the dog, for old times' sake. We're both older and more puffed than we used to be. I've been stopping every half hour or so to let her rest/drink/bathe.

It's the first day of the hols, and nice to just walk without thinking.

The cellmate has been out of it for days, with flu. Don't know if I can avoid catching it, but I'm being nice to her from afar. I'm about to go to NZ and you can't visit the mother outlaw in hospital if you've got anything infectious.

I was looking forward to this trip, my first time there without the cellmate. But ever since the holidays began I'm inexplicably sad. I suppose you can't expect the bliss pills to work absolutely all the time.

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  1. I say!

    I'd avoid over-exercising the Mutt. You want it to put on weight just now, so that there's more for the braai.

    MM III

  2. I say!

    This should be of much interest.

    MM III

  3. Albert? Shame about you feeling sad! Just wait! Then you'll have something to feel sad about sure enough. Why don't you retire then you can spend all day painting your doors like Brian Wilson. This advice is given for free! Hotboy

  4. Mingers. I can't begin to tell you how interesting that was. Actually, it was quite surprising.

    Hotters. What a psychotherapist you would have made!