Tuesday, April 26


Albert had a recent exchange of text messages with Kev, planning a meeting. There was some kind of misunderstanding and they never actually met up.

Doc Bob has been no help in diagnosing what went wrong, but maybe you could explain? And who is more insane, Mr White or Mr Green?

- iPod post


  1. Albert? I'm sure you do spend all day doing this. I've tried my best. But what a woefulness. Just get out before you're deided, and come and sit in the hut. Otherwise, you might as well blow your brains out! What use are they to you anyway!?

  2. Albert? I take all that back!! I sent my first text yesterday. It said Hello! I'm sure it'll soon join all my other addictions!! Hotboy

  3. Congrats Hotters, but texting is really only one step away from phoning people to tell them you're on the bus. Better stick to your blisissitudes, and commune for free with the absolute.