Friday, April 8

sea air

I'd like to report a breach of the Geneva convention. Last week Albert bought some fish eggs at the fish market, to make his own taramasalata.

After eating the putrescent paste for several days, he then forced a group of clients to share a room with him for several hours. I feel especially sorry for the hotties sitting at the front. Mind you, that's the nearest Albert will ever get to defiling any of them. So that's something.

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  1. Albert? I don't understand this post. Are you defiling your students or not? Why did you have them in the cupboard then? You probably need a rest. Hotboy

  2. I say!

    If it ain't got Ant and Dec in it and it's about flatulence, then what's the point?

    MM III

  3. Hotboy. By "rest" I assume you mean sitting on my backside staring at my navel. No help at all.

    MM. Thanks for the link.

  4. Богд Хан9 April 2011 at 07:26

    Фашистская людей с проблемами кишечника! Я вернусь