Friday, April 1

the most productive day ever

Last Thursday was perhaps the most productive day ever. A full speed dog walk, then a gym session in the back room, achieving new weights without injury, thanks partly to the use of Denny-based visualisations during the bench press. 

Invigorated, I went into the garden and chopped another whole tree, swinging through branches with the girly chainsaw. 

I mowed lawns and weeded. I finally injured my shoulder while washing the windows. Later I discovered that the cellmate had cleaned the windows already, so it was a waste of energy too. 

I got through a few other jobs I've long wanted to do. But doing all this physical work without the ipod, I noticed that I tend to get one stupid song in my head ad nauseam, an OCD symptom. Note to self: next time plug in the headphones first, or bump up the pill rations.


  1. I say!

    Wilson is very interested in the chainsaw. He works with a panga.

    MM III

  2. Albert? Well done! I couldn't have done that! Hope the injuries aren't permanent. Hotboy

  3. Mingers and Hotters. Use it or lose it. I think I'm losing it.