Tuesday, April 12

news from the bottom

This year I didn't have time to prepare a proper April fool, but I managed a kind of prank anyway. The toilets where I work have an automatic light switch to save electricity: an infra-red sensor switches on the lights when anyone walks into the gents. And then switches off about 15 minutes later unless it detects any further motion (pun unintended).

All I had to do was adjust the time setting with a screwdriver. So now you go into a stall, sit down and begin a dump, when suddenly the place goes pitch dark. I won't describe the resulting inconvenience in case you're just having your breakfast.

I adjusted the sensor on every floor in the same way. Later on, I was caught in my own trap, but I found that all you have to do is waddle outside the stall to trigger the lights back on. And hope that nobody else comes in at that moment to catch you with your trousers down.

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  1. I say!

    This is too highbrow for me.

    MM III

  2. Albert? We have similar sensors. I go and sit in the stalls regularly to meditate, but fifteen minutes later.... You do realise changing the sensors is very weird, don't you? Just thought I'd point that out. Hotboy

  3. Hotters, we can't all be normal like you.

    Mingers. Sorry the toilet stuff's over your heid.

  4. Albert? I had a look around the bogs at work today and realised that you must have worked out all the inner workings of the electricals. I couldn't see how to change the timing of the lights. I wanted to make them stay on for half an hour, which is a better length of time for me to meditate. Also, you know there's something the matter with you, don't you? Weird to discombobulate folk like that. I suppose you make computer viruses as well. Admit it! You have done so, haven't you? Hotboy

  5. Hotters. Creating viruses would be too much like work.