Wednesday, May 25

country and western

All together now:

Ma wife a-done left me, and the dog's on death row.


Drove the cellmate to the airport in a hurry and a flurry of feelings.

Got to work and did the yoga routine. That's better. Wonderful to have my own room in the city where I can do more or less what I want. And get paid for it.

Then I rang and booked the vet for a medical. I'll need a verdict on the dog. Wept after the call, then took a six pack of home brew to a colleague's office, brewed full strength for giving away.

It's a country and western life, serious and banal.


Arrived home with the urge to get oblooterated. After a whole bottle and a half of beer, I watched a lively discussion with Howard Jacobsen, a likeable thinker and talker. I don't think I've had a Jewish hero before.

Actually, there was Woody Allen, when he went ahead to his pub jazz gig, and let someone else pick up his Oscar.

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  1. What a shame! My truck has broke down, my dog has been shot, the funnel back red spiders with the big claws have eaten my gonads, I might as well kill myself, but ...if I just stop being a mean stupid basturn I can get the hotboy over for a few thousand dollars and then I can be really confused and at least watch him sitting under the tree drinking VB and then get my gun license and shooty shooty myself. But in the next life I will meditate, but not now because I am too fucking dumb to meditate in this life and that's why I'm such an asshole. Hope this helps. In yon desert, almost anything is better than being sober! Hotboy

  2. Hotters, with all this free time on your hands and nothing useful to do, you might consider volunteering at the Samaritans.

  3. I say!

    Old Rhodies never die.

    MM III

  4. Mingers. I assume that's ridgebacks rather than McLeods.