Thursday, May 19

time distortion

Listening to music all your life, your ability evolves over time.

At twenty, a Pink Floyd track lasting a whole LP side seemed like an eternity. So much could happen in the middle - a knock at the door, another joint, a cup of tea. Getting all the way through the music without interruption (external or internal) was rare.

At my current age of approximately 50, anything less than a 90 minute Mahler symphony, or a 3-hour Passion, seems almost too easy.

I expect it's the same for blissheids. When you first start meditating, focussing even for just 2 minutes is beyond you. By the time you become an adept, a whole afternoon is too easy.

Anyway, listening just now to a 12-minute Wishbone Ash track on the pod while walking through the city, I wished it wasn't so short.

- iPod post


  1. Albert? Shame about Wishbone. I'm re-listening to Street Hassle again just now. Why do I like Lou Reed so much? Hotboy p.s. Maybe you have to be calmer to listen to the long stuff. I only ever really liked music when I was stuck to the floor by drink and drugs, but I have little appreciation! But you knew that!

  2. I say!

    The write-up for said is was like Lou.

    MM III

  3. Hotters. Lou is music for ruffians, or for polite folk who wish they were ruffians. I don't know which you are. But whatever gets you through the night is alright.

  4. Mingers. Thanks, but life is complicated enough already without having to download a source of yet more music. Maybe when I'm retired.

  5. Hotters. Little *musical* appreciation perhaps, but I'm sure you've an eye for a good right hook, or an ear for e.g. orgasming babes. It's all relative. Does that help?