Tuesday, May 3

changes 'appening

There's a lot of changes at my place just now, what with old family and animals dead or dying or getting sick. And plenty of other stuff.

The cellmate and I are managing to stay on the same side, even after I added to the stress by cancelling the phone line and the broadband.

Instead, we each have a mobile phone.

A plus: no longer will I have to take calls from the cellmate's friends.

A minus: no longer will I have to take calls from the cellmate's friends.

It all balances up.

In addition we each have a virtual landline number through Skype. Which I've just discovered doesn't work on the phones. Skype don't tell you that when they're taking your money.

I'm also testing two separate mobile broadband devices.

There's more than a dozen new numbers and passwords to remember.

Fortunately, you can download an app to store all your passwords securely on your phone. The tech giveth the problem, and the tech taketh away the problem. Or in freelance Taoist terms, a problem contains the kernel of its solution.

And the cellmate has found an app called My Calm Beat, which seems to be helping her stay centred, so I might try it too. It's got to be better than meditating.

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  1. Albert? Mobile phones are a curse and a blight!! Folk thought it would increase communications, but everyone I know switches them off, and never answers them, and nobody ever switched off a landline, and they've gotten rid of the telephone boxes which were useful if you were stuck somewhere in the wind and cold. It's not surprised that it's all your fault! Hotboy

  2. Hotters, thank goodness you got that off your chest. Is the emphysema clearing up?