Friday, May 6

indoor games

You feel kind of bad when you're starting a Scrabble game with a random stranger, and you score much better than them right from the start.

But when the roles are reversed and I'm outclassed, I wouldn't expect my opponent to go easy on me.

When the boy was 7 I would sometimes play football with him. I would usually let him narrowly win. That shows you how young he was - I could beat him.

When we visited his uncle, I was shocked to see the uncle playing as hard as he could, tackling hard and winning by a mile.

If I asked Doctor John, he'd say I'm hopelessly damaged by the teutonic toilet trainers, and it serves me right for being bourgeois. Of course, freelance Taoism teaches us that there's a bit of truth in everything, even ravings.

The new room mate found me on the office floor doing yoga this morning. Turns out he has been doing his own exercises when I'm out of the room. So suddenly we're teaching each other stretches and strengthening moves, in an impromptu yoga workshop. The last time I hosted a self-help class, it was for remedial head work, and it resulted in the conception of my daughter one night after class. Better in memory than actuality.

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  1. Albert? A daughter? I don't think I want to know this ... okay, I'll swop you for therapy time. You have to put wonderful reviews on my four kindle books and I'll listen to all this drivel about the grief, sorrow, etc., Of course, beings become twisted by the toilet therapies of yore among the evil ones and you're just winding me up. Okay, as long as she doesn't cost more than £20. Just give her my email address and I'll take it from there. Hotboy

  2. Hotters. You know about the unexamined life not being worth living. Not sure getting off your face on fresh air counts as examining. PS I hope you're not maligning the honor of my daughter, who may be a wonderful person for all I know. Her mother used to accept canny bliss rather than cash, so you might try there.

  3. Albert? How come nobody ever heard about this daughter then? Don't you even know where she blinking is? Is this just a ruse to prevent you leaving me pots of the nazi gold you must have inherited? Hotboy

  4. I say!

    Don't spare the rod!

    MM III