Sunday, May 22

hang on!

I'm not sure if I said already, the cellmate's going to live at her mum's on Monday, for several months at least. I was dealing with it matter-of-factly, until just now when I thought about it and realized she might not come back.

There's several parallels with the time I split up with Angie: I farewelled Angie at the airport. She gave up her job too. She was going to live in NZ too. And I was left with our sick animal (a cat with the black spot), and had to take it to the vet on my own, to get it put to sleep.

This is not good. I'm great at being on my own, so long as I know the cellmate's coming home one day. But she's hinting she won't even be coming to Europe. What's the point of going on holiday alone? To clean out the old dear's place. And take on the former piddledorf pension plan with no support team?

Jeez, how did it suddenly come to this?

Of course, everything balances up, so on the plus side: er, ... well it's fortunate that there's no firearms here. Besides I'd have to blow out the dog's brains before my own, and I couldn't face that.

At least the kitchen will be less messy with the cellmate out of the way. See? I knew there was a silver lining somewhere.


  1. Albert? I don't know whether you're being serious or not. But I hope your partner isn't giving you the big bye bye because in the state you're in you'll never get anyone else. And you probably need someone to tell you to learn to meditate. What? Send me the air fare and some spending money and have a bag of the green stuff and some spending cash and a slab of VB and I might come and console you and then you won't have to go on holiday on your own. I'd like to swim in the Great Barrier Reef again. Also, you'd get someone if you had me around. I'm a a total babe magnet, so I am! Hotboy Don't worry about the dog. I'll shoot it as soon as I get there!

  2. Hotters. I'll be over there soon to start the babe interviews and the culling process. I would cut you in for 10% of the action but you're an OAP.

  3. I say!

    Either me eyes are going, or that's a croc in the photo.

    MM III

  4. Mingers, she is a bit croquettish there.