Saturday, June 18

first impressions of Salzers

First Salzburg impressions (without having been into the centre yet): dirty, tacky, overpriced, muggy climate. But at least there's a Lidl with weissbier round the corner. Just woken from my first full night's sleep in weeks. So that's what sleeping feels like!

There are dozens of sights to see but I still have to pace myself and choose the ones I actually want to see. There's a palace worth a tour. And the two Mozart houses. But castles with actors in medieval gear are not my thing. Do they Disneyfy Edinburgh castle nowadays?

There are several "concerts", most of them actually overpriced candle lit dinners, with a string quartet in wigs. Tacky as eff.

I only planned visiting here because with the cellmate it could have been a romantic adventure. Now I'm just going through the motions to use up the hotel and flight. It'll be okay so long as I refocus on what I need for myself. Rest. Food. Fresh air at last after 6 days in aircon. Yoga. More rest. Might even try some more of that breathing stuff that was so helpful when I was stressed. Maybe when you're not stressed it can lift you to another plane.

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  1. Hard to be in a strange place with a changed plan. I got stuck in Brussels with my daughter for the longest weekend on the planet. I didn't speak the language and folks were so hostile to me.

    I don't know about being lifted to a higher plain, but stress relief is no small thing.

  2. Nanners. I think there might be a need for a separate blog of Brussels nightmare stories.

  3. I say!

    It's difficult to be romantic when your on your own.

    MM III

  4. Mingers. Good point. No comment.

  5. Albert? This holiday might be of some interest if you could look up the small ads for local whores, and invite tons of them round to your hotel room for a party, and film it, and .... God, I'm glad I'm not wandering around in Krautland with nae bliss looking for a good classical concert to go to on my own!! You would have had more time going to live in a monastery for a week. Now, that's my kind of holiday!! Hotboy