Saturday, June 18

Frankers to Salzers

By booking our train tickets several months in advance, I got first class seats cheaper than the second class price. I'm on the train now. Trouble is, they're letting absolutely anyone go first class these days, so the ambience is no better than, say, the London train back in the days before they introduced special fares.

I'm sure people used to have better manners. I remember in the 60s you could travel back on a cheap day return from Murrayfield in a first class carriage and vomit on the floor, and nobody was rude enough to complain, as far as I remember.

Across from me the cellmate's seat is empty of course, but I'm enjoying defending it from folk without reservations. Don't these people realize that good Germans reserve their spaces early?

- iPhone post


  1. I find people with cell phones on trains the worst thing of all. Actually I find people with cell phones any place to be terrible.

    I really don't think folks need to be connected to everyone 24/7.

  2. Albert? Why are you travelling about Germany anyway? Hotboy

  3. Marie, I can do better than that - I sometimes find people terrible, full stop.

    Mackers. To get out of Germany you have to travel across part of it. Salzburg's in Austria but you probably knew that. Fortunately they both make Weissbier.