Wednesday, June 1


To the clients who rummaged around in this phone while I was out of the room for half an hour, and as a result may even have my blog address: what a way to repay my extra efforts on your behalf! Will you at least man up and tell me what data you got?

Yesterday afternoon it was Piccadilly circus in the back yard. The neighbour across the road brought her hound over to say goodbye; and the guy next door came over to dig out a couple of shared fence posts that are falling over. I didn't help him - I do his computer stuff sometimes, it all balances out.

Fortunately the triple strength blissage is kicking in, in plenty of time before the big sleep on Wednesday. On my days off, as long as I remember to start drinking at lunch time, I can now look at her and think "it's unfortunate but there you go".

The mother outlaw, a real trooper, is having her 5th operation on Wednesday, and if that doesn't work they'll put her out to grass. My brother lives in Switzerland, so maybe when my time comes I can use one of their checkout clinics.

- iPhone post


  1. I say!

    Wilson is a dab hand at digging. Thick in the arm, and thick in the head, some might say.

    MM III

  2. I say!

    I have it on good authority that Jeffrey Foskett, Brian Wilson (the real one)'s band leader, once called for security when Brian Wilson (not the real one) tried to get onstage during a concert. It didn't help that a toilet door had attacked Brian Wilson (not the real one) during the interval, and Brian Wilson (not the real one)'s face was all bloody at the time.

    Either that, or it was all a dream.

    MM III

  3. Albert? I don't understand this Piccadilly circus stuff. You should have told the phone basturns that you could poison them all if they didn't own up. What's the matter with you anyway? Has the dog died or the cellmate funged off or both? It's probably winter down there. Hotboy

  4. Mingers, Brian The Real deserves the megabucks if he had to put up with fans who nut bog doors. Thank goodness Brian The Unreal has such a thick head.

    Hotters. I haven't seem the tamperers since I discovered what they did. But I'll see them in a couple of days, and will enjoy watching them squirm as I let them know I know. But full marks on your understanding of global seasons. Bellshill Approved wasn't a complete waste of the taxpayer's money.

  5. I say!

    Brian Wilson (The Unreal) told me that a lot of illegal substances were involved that evening, and that the concept in his heid at the time was that if he could only join molecules with Brian Wilson (The Real) by shaking his hand, then there would be a positive implosion that would result in world peace.

    It beggars belief, but that's what he told me.

    He also told me, "Watch out for the SECC bog doors. They're totally violent."

    Are you attending Brian Wilson (The Real) at the SECC this coming September?

    MM III

  6. I say!

    I've just received an urgent email from BW.

    Quote "She nailed Bri"

    That's all it says.

    Oh! There's an address:

    MM III