Thursday, June 30

audience with the hotheid

Yesterday I stumbled into a serious substance session. When seeking an audience with the hotheid it's quite usual to have to wade into the addiction pool, but this one was a topper, a real guinea pig test lab.

Three hours later I escaped, downstairs. Thanks to the passive drug inhalations, I couldn't recognize the street I was in. To get home, I had to ignore my surroundings and navigate from the internal street map. Slept till 11 this morning.

This afternoon the heid blissheid was free so we did what I believe you might call a walking meditation, if you were a fraudulent guru milking gullible Americans. Most enjoyable.

- iPhone post


  1. I actually do walking meditation. But wouldn't try it in town. You need to be in a place you won't get run over easily. Beaches are nice.

    Glad you had a visit with His Nibs.

    You are still invited to come out to Skye for a day or two if you want. The weather is ghastly but the view is good.

  2. I say!

    Was levitation involved?

    MM III

  3. Nanners. There has been sun for a couple of days here, so surely some will work its way north east?

    Mingers. Hotters couldn't get off the ground but I nearly blew away.

  4. It prob went that way, sadly I'm to the north west.

  5. Nanners. You're right of course. I must have been thinking of New South Caledonia, where everything's the other way round.