Sunday, June 12

luck turning

After the torture flight I reached Singers, where I had 20 hours to kill. I stayed in the airport, not even bothering to go through immigration. The whole city's much like the airport anyway, one great big shopping mall (but done with great taste and efficiency). Safe. You can leave your wallet hanging out your back pocket, and leave your bags unattended. There are no thieves, or if there were any you'd recognize them by their missing hands.

I rented a cell in the transit area, initially for 12 hours. A bed and no windows, and nothing to do. Perfect! I did breaths, and yoga, and I dozed. Occasionally I'd go out for fish and rice soup. I could happily have spent a whole week like that. As it was, I extended the room rental for 6 more hours. By checkout time, the next plane was waiting just along the corridor.

I got on the plane feeling almost half human again, and the thing was half empty! Yip-effing-pee! Suddenly the 12 hour flight turns from an ordeal into a luxury.

I colonize a row of seats and order a Singapore Sling. Top right in the picture. Not exactly a man's drink, but tropical and strong.

The Singapore stewardesses are even more radiant than usual, happy to have so few passengers.

After a great lunch and some free booze, I lay down across several seats for a snooze. Reminds me of my old man, who used to get paid to get drunk in the morning and to sleep it off in the hospitality lounge in the afternoon. He worked as a tour guide in a distillery. The ideal job, for him.

Next stop Frankers, where there's a 5 star hotel room booked for me and the cellmate, a treat for us that I'll do a good job of enjoying without her. Two mammoth meals a day included, so I might put back some of the weight recently lost. I must remember I'm eating for two now, with an amoeba to support.

Frankers is a dud town, so once again there should be plenty of time for staying in and doing nothing. If I want movement, there's a gym and a pool. I'm getting some insight into the old dear. When she came over to visit me and the cellmate last century, she and her hubby spent almost the whole time in the hotel, happily practicing their Spanish on the south american chambermaids.

After Frankers, there'll be the romantic week in Salzers, again minus the cellmate but we'll be in daily contact via online Scrabble. Then a train to Munchers, the flight to Edders, where I hope to catch up with various retired folk. Then on to Glazzers, where I'm borrowing a Loch Lomond farmhouse from my former landlord and now dear friend. There, I'll be entertaining a couple I know from New South Cal. They've always wanted to see two things: Loch Lomond, and highland cattle.

At some point there may be some grief, but it's all good.

And eventually I'll have to face the trip to Piddledorf, but by then I should be fighting fit.

By the way, I've found out that the source of Germany's e coli has been traced to a bean sprout factory in Piddledorf. Putting it on the world map at last.

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  1. Albert? What larks! If your old dear were Tibetan, she'd be someone else by now. Her seven weeks lasted till the 11th of June. Why are you gong to Germany twice? Hotboy

  2. The universe likes balance. Which keeps me going when the crazy stuff happens. I know the offset will be reasonable.

    Sounds like an interesting trip. I didn't realize you were going to be so close.

    If you have a day to come up to Skye let me know. I'm a good cook and we have a spare kayak.

  3. Marie. What a great idea, and I'd love to try kayaking. Unlikely I'll have time, this time around, but thank you. My last time in Skye was the 70s. Is it just a day trip away these days?

  4. Hotters, I know what you mean, once is normally more than enough. But basically, frankfurt's the long-haul landing and departure point unless one wants to endure Heathrow.

  5. Skye is a long day trip from the central belt. But a nice train trip.

    I'm sorry you won't have time. It is lovely up here. Though the weather hasn't been the best.

    Safe travels.

  6. I say!

    The meal looks very good, but I find that the pressurisation can often cause acute flatulence.

    MM III

  7. Mingers. Imagine if a window blows out and the cabin's depressurised, the mass sucking out of flatulence could be deadly. That's why you have to get your oxygen mask on ASAP.