Thursday, August 11

bavarian thinking reaches NZ

The outlaws in NZ are squabbling about whether their old dear is dying or actually getting better.

I hope the poor old thing gets another of her cheery days today. But if she doesn't, and gets the awful pain and vomiting, well there's usually a better day around the corner.

Important for the family to remember though, the overall trajectory is downwards. We're all dying but some of us are closer to the head of the queue.

Tonight's the night I get my belly laughs from the new series of The Thick Of It. The Peter Capaldi character's fantastic. Oh to be him for a day!


  1. It is hard to watch a dear one struggle. I hope for a good day.

    Aye we are all on the same path, but some are closer to the end and that is not a bad thing.

  2. I say!

    Is she fit to open the batting, or not? That's the vital question.

    If not, make her Twelfth Man. The duties of Twelfth Man are not onerous.

    MM III

  3. Nanners. I heard the old lady had a second good day in a row. Unprecedented!

    Mingers. For some people, even being anywhere near a match is onerous.

  4. Albert? I you can shoot the dog ...? Hotboy