Sunday, August 28

who's willy?

Some time ago, a bloggy chum was wondering who on earth William Robertson was.

Well, I happened to find myself reading Bothwell's Life Of Johnson, as one does. And I read a reference to the very same William Robertson. (Incidentally, Robertson also featured in the novel Alma Natter).

For your edification, I reproduce the passage here, double entendres and all.

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  1. I say!

    Don't start me on about motions, or we could be here all day.

    MM III

  2. Mingers. As it happens, while reading the book I actually visualized Johnson and Boswell as an Enlightenment Hotters and Wilson.

  3. Albert? I read half of it, so good luck with that. Boswell's diary of a while he spent in London is really well written and much mentions that stuff you do down on the docks, a racy read! Hotboy

  4. Hotters. Reading half of it is good going.

  5. Albert? I never finished The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire either! Hate doing that! Or not as it may be! Hotboy

  6. Hotters. I always confuse that one with the little known Arthur Miller play (After The Fall perhaps?).