Thursday, August 18

oh happy day

Pretty good day yesterday. Sauntered in to work after lunch, only to show my face and then go out shopping. Bought some really wonderful Wakame seaweed (Korean so presumably plutonium free) and some coarse miso.

Back at work again, I succeeded (after a couple of years' of occasional attempts, all unsuccessful) in connecting the iphone to the wifi at work. So from now on I can blog and play scrabble during work time.

After a superb fish and tofu stir fry in the Chinese place where I've been eating for decades, I worked for the evening but was still able to finish up and go home early. Got a lift home from the cellmate. Today, my day off, I've done various bits of useful pottering. What a wonderful world it is sometimes.

Haven't had a beer for a week, not even a freedom ale. I thought about opening a weissbier tonight but I can't be bothered.


  1. I say!

    The working day should start at 7.30am and continue until 5pm. A couple of smokos, and a lunch, break the day up. Then, one can go home and big the garden.

    MM III

  2. I think it is cruel and inhumane that you are forced to play Scrabble at work. *grin*

    I don't want a phone that smart. I like being hard to find.

  3. Mingers. As a Bavarian factory worker, Albert had to clock on at 6am, then the whole company would stop for breakfast about 7.30. Going home time was 4pm.

    Nanners. Fortunately, nobody ever tries to call me.

  4. Albert? The reason why folk like you and your homeboys get involved in riots is because you don't know what it is to do a decent day's work!! Hotboy

  5. Hotters. We're still living in the last century here, so we don't get riots. We just get on with being happy. You could always try that.